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Thanks to advances in orthodontics, today’s braces are less cumbersome and more discreet than ever. At Balboa Dentistry, located in San Diego, California, Dr. Hussein Dhayni is on the cutting edge of these advances, offering the Individual Patient (IP) Orthodontics treatment system. Highly customizable, the IP system provides efficient and expedited dental straightening. Call or schedule an orthodontic consultation online.

Braces Q & A

Are braces right for me?

Under the supervision of Dr. Dhayni, the IP treatment can be applied to correct almost any tooth or jaw misalignment. The techniques and technology of IP have been used all over the world to correct all kinds of dental complications including underbites, overbites, and widely spaced teeth.

Braces are not only used to align your teeth but also to allow for skeletal realignment. Serious medical complications, including sleep apnea and asphyxiation, could arise or persist if a skeletal misalignment is left untreated. Schedule a consultation with Dr. Dhayni today to discuss whether braces is the right course of action for you.

Why Individual Patient Orthodontics?

Individual Patient Orthodontics is the most advanced brace technology available today. Dr. Dhayni has trained extensively in the IP methods and finds that it is the most efficient and effective route to a healthy smile. Old school braces treated every tooth as if they were the same while IP individually fits each tooth with its ideal bracket for optimal tooth movement.

Dr. Dhayni finds that treatment with the IP system has been shown to correct smiles six months faster than the average archwire applicated brace. The customizable nature of IP braces makes your time with our technology less painful and irritating than any other standardized brace technology. And also, IP’s retention rates are unparalleled to any other braces available.

How long will I need braces?

Treatment through IP technologies can expedite the corrective process by 40%. This is because of IP’s advanced straight archwire appliance that requires less management by Dr. Dhayni and therefore less time traveling to the offices and less time in the chair. The durability of IP’s archwire reduces the amount of breakages and therefore allows for uninterrupted progress in the advancement of corrective movement. This progressive technology is designed to deliver a healthier, perfectly aligned smile faster than ever before.

Will my insurance cover my Individual Orthodontics braces?

IP braces are typically covered by insurance companies the same way they would cover traditional braces. The cost is often determined by the severity of your alignment issues.

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